Solving ICT Procurement headaches for a school

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Solved ICT Procurement Headaches for a School

An Education Sector Customer was struggling to get the right products, with a fast turnaround at a competitive price, coupled with great support and advice.


How did J700 help?

They approached us in 2019 whilst looking for a new, trustworthy and reliable supplier, who could not only supply the products they needed at a competitive price but also give them the correct advice and support, to help them make the right choices.

We also helped them with the setup, configuration, and installation of their purchases and continue to supply them with a high level of support in case they face any issues.

“We are extremely happy with the service and support J700 provides us, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, and look forward to a longstanding relationship.”

School ICT Manager

  • Education
  • Private School
  • 08/11/2019
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