Sourcing the right equipment at the right price

Case Studies

Sourcing the right equipment for a Healthcare Provider

A Healthcare Provider was struggling to source a certain number of specific products all at the right price to fit in a budget.


How did J700 help?

They approached us as we are partnered with Dell and Lenovo, as they were specifically after some certain Dell and Lenovo products, we put a deal together for them, that gave them everything they needed and within the budget they had to spend (even with some spare!), all items were delivered on time and to the correct addrresses, since this initial deal was done, they have now become a regular customer, with a dedicated account manager, and they experiecne the same excellent levels of service and support. our account manager continues to provide the correct advice and support, to help them make the right choices.

“J700 continually go the extra mile to make sure all our requests happen on time and to budget, we are very happy with the service and support J700 provides us, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, and look forward to continue our longstanding relationship.”

Manager – Healthcare Provider

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  • 21/01/2020
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